How to Create a Library Card Pocket Mini Album

Supplies and Tools:

* Cardstock. I used four sheets of 12″ x12″ Prismatics cardstock for the eight-pocket project described. Additional cardstock may be needed, depending on what you choose to fill your pockets with when you are finished!
* ruler
* paper trimmer or scissors
* two office supply paper fasteners
* envelope fasteners
* permanent bond adhesive (glue, glue runner or equivalent)
* pencil (for marking)
*1/8″ hole punch
* embellishments (of choice) to personalize your album

The Library Card Pocket Mini Album uses library card book pockets — the envelopes you used to find (and may still, in some libraries) glued to the inside of library books. These pockets contained a library card filled with book information and a borrower history. Used to create a mini album, the pockets can be filled with recipe cards, personal journaling, photographs — anything your heart desires.

There are many ways to fiddle with the shape, size and fasteners on these albums once you understand the basic principles of construction. The following directions are specific to library cards created using the library card book pocket template from Mirkwood Designs (link in step 1), but can be easily altered if you wish to use a different template, or even store-bought library card envelopes. Have fun!

1) Using the library card book pocket template, create eight library card envelopes. Laura has provided a helpful how-to article to guide you in the process. I used Prismatics cardstock in the example, and edged each with Krylon’s 18KT gold leafing pen before continuing.

2) Cut two pieces of cardstock into strips measuring 7-1/2″ x 3-1/4.”

3) Glue the back of one library card envelope to the edge of one cardstock strip as shown, lining up the narrow edge of the cardstock with the top edge of the pocket itself.

4) Turning the cardstock over, glue a second library card envelope to the backside of the cardstock, lining it up with the first library card envelope. Repeat on the other end of the rectangle, so that you end up with two library card envelopes glued back to back on each end of the cardstock.

5) Fold the cardstock strip in half, so that there is now a crease in the center of the cardstock strip in between the two sets of library card envelopes.

6) Repeat 3, 4 and 5 with the second cardstock strip and the other four library pocket envelopes, so that you have two sets of glued pockets, as pictured.

7) On each folded strip, measure and mark two spots near the center fold, each about ¼” in from the crease, and ½ in from the end. Use a 1/8” hole punch to place holes at each of these spots.

8) Set these strips aside for the moment. Measure a new cardstock strip, 11-3/4″ long and just over 3-1/4″ wide. Starting at one end, put creases at these marks: ¾”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 6-7/8”, and 7-1/8”. Your creased strip will look something like this (after you add the holes, which is the next step):

9) Now you have two creases near the center of the strip that are about ¼” apart. The strip in between the creases will he the outer spine of the mini book. On either side of this spine, we need holes through which to fasten the insides of the book with this cover. I line up the inside strip where I will want it, make a small pencil mark through the holes, and then punch holes in those positions on the cover strip.

10) Position your pieces together as pictured above. Line up the inside and cover holes and position a paper fastener through each set. Fold the last crease over and glue it in place, as shown here:

11) Fold at the next crease to see what your closed mini album will look like!

12) Add a folio closure as shown

Here is another variation of a library pocket mini album, fully embellished.

For this one, I covered the cover with Michael Miller Tweed Fabric Paper, and embellished from there. The cover was longer, and I used no foldover. To fasten it, I sewed a traditional garment snap onto the inside of each cover (somewhat visible in the second photo), with an extra strip of Fabric Paper to reinforce it. This album was an anniversary gift to my husband, and the pockets are filled with photos and handwritten journaling about our years together.

Now, have fun embellishing your mini album and filling those pockets with your treasures!

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