Paper Fortune Cookie Favor

If you’ve ever tried your hands at making fortune cookies, you’ll find the procedure is just about the same for paper fortune cookies, but without the chance of overcooking them! Once you get the method down, these will go together in seconds. Paper Fortune Cookies can be used as a fun decoration, a gift, or as a favor for a special event such as a baby shower, bat mitzvah, or rehearsal dinner – any time good fortune is wished for the celebrants! You can also fill them with gag ‘fortunes’ for a more informal occasion.

Take a look at how simple these are to put together.

Patterned paper
Additional strip of paper or vellum
Fine tip pen
Scissors or circle-cutting system
Favorite permanent adhesive
Optional: clothespin or paperclip
Computer printer or journaling pen

1) Cut a circle out of the patterned paper. The sample shown here measures 8″ across, but you can cut whatever size you like for this.

2) Fold paper circle in half, patterned sides together, and create a good crease. Unfold.

3) Flip paper over so that the patterned side faces up, and turn the paper so that the crease is vertical to you. * Yellow lines on the photo below were added in my software program just to show the direction you want the crease facing for this next step. *

4) Fold circle together as shown, lining up the crease so that each side is even, but do NOT crease in the center this time.

5) Holding the edges together, place a finger in the center of the crease, and begin to fold the sides of the ‘cookie’ towards you. Continue folding until both sides of the cookie touch. Voila!



6) Write or print information on a separate sheet of paper, then cut into a strip. For this cookie made from the 8″ circle, my strip of vellum was about 12” long, with the text for each side spaced about 6” apart, and I cut it about ¾ of an inch wide. Loosen the cookie to thread the ‘fortune’ strip through the middle, then re-close.

7) I like to put a dot of PVA glue at the point where the sides touch, and hold them in place with a clothespin until the glue dries completely.

For this bat mitzvah fortune cookie, I used vellum for the ‘fortune’ strip, and lined it with Krylon’s gold leafing pen for a touch of elegance.

Patterned Paper by Zsiage
Heavy Metal Vellum by Prism
PVA Glue by Adhesive Tech
Computer Font David’s Star
18 kt Gold Leafing Pen by Krylon
Workable Fixatif by Krylon

For a wedding dinner fortune, the text was printed on gold metallic paper, and the circle of the cookie was lined with silver leafing pen before folding.

Patterned Paper by Rhonna Farrer
Silver Leafing Pen by Krylon
PVA Glue and Permanent Glue Runner by Adhesive Tech
Metallic paper by Stardream Metallics
Computer Font French Script

Other ideas to try:

Using double-sided paper
Printing the fortune on ribbon instead of papers
Making the cookie out of cardstock, vellum, origami paper or other specialty papers
Filling a take-out box with small cookies with ‘good wishes’ or ‘advice’ fortunes for a graduation – or that ‘paper’ first anniversary!


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